Feelings are Chemical Reactions

Over the last couple of years, I have tried to be more conscious and aware of the thoughts that I allow to live, breathe, and take up space in my mind. In my personal study in the books I have read and the podcasts that I have listened to, the theme is the same. Business owners, influencers, and powerful people are the gatekeepers to their own minds. They have a vision of what they want to accomplish and they protect that vision and that goal of what they are going to achieve, like it was their baby. That vision is at the center of everything that they do in life. It is their motivation, their inspiration, and their energy. It is driven by their vision and goal of what they want to achieve.

My driving force right now is helping others. I feel an internal calling to help two clans of people. Number 1. Men that are addicted to sex and pornography. Number 2. Parents of kids with special needs.

Because life circumstances have blessed me with the ability to find resources to help heal myself, and because life circumstances have allowed for me to get whatever support and services that my special needs boy needs; I would like to share my learnings with those 2 tribes of people.

I think the paramount and most important part of overcoming a porn/sex addiction, or to overcome the overwhelming discouragement that comes from having your kid diagnosed with special needs, is framing your outlook and perspective. You can choose to see the negative and wallow in self misery, or you can rise up, choose to see the positive, and take on the world.

Emotions are chemical reactions. When we have thoughts, chemical reactions are happening within our body and our brain. Hormones are released that dictate what mood or energy that we will feel. When we have negative thoughts, negative hormones are released, like cortisol the stress hormone. When we are stressed, we are just worried about protecting ourselves and our loved ones. We can’t think about advancement or progression, because we are too worried about what things are going to challenge us and take us down.

When we have positive thoughts, we can start to open up and experience hope and creativity. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson says in her book: “Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive”:

“As positivity flows through our hearts, it simultaneously broadens our minds, allowing us to see both the forest and the trees.”

“Positivity changes your outlook on life. It expands your worldview. You take more in.”

“Scientific experiments confirm that people who come to the bargaining table with a cooperative and friendly spirit-riding on positivity- strike the best business deals.”

Buy the book here:

As I have tuned in to this thought and this mantra of protecting my mindset, teachers start to hit me in the face with their thoughts. Dr. Joe Dispenza is an incredible teacher. I have been sucked in by his content. He was riding his bike in a triathlon and was hit by a car. He broke his lower vertebrae and doctors wanted him to go through surgery where they would fuse his lower vertebrae together, which would make him less mobile. He was seen by a few different doctors, and each doctor told him the same thing, he needed the surgery. In the end, he decided against the surgery and he said he was going to heal himself through his thoughts.

Check out his website here:


Here is also a interview with him and London Real where he tells his whole story:

Here is a scientific article that I read for my certification course that I am taking right now. What I am talking about is not esoteric or mumbo jumbo. It is proven by statistical science.

Positive Emotional Attractors and Negative Emotional Attractors.


Mindfulness definition according to Dr. Ryan Niemiec:

“Self-regulation of our attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance.”

Let’s talk more about this next week.

May we find Joy, Hope, and Love on our path in this life.


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