You are a really good person

“Imperfect people win. Successful people are not perfect. Your mess doesn’t disqualify you from making your dreams come true.”

-Ed Mylett

I am late to posting my blog today. I took my family to Lake Powell over Memorial Day weekend and I had a lot going on yesterday. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about until I listened to this podcast on my lunch run. I have had this voice in my head for a lot of my life. It says things like: “Who do you think you are to think, or even imagine that you could accomplish this or that.”

You see I am a dreamer, I imagine these ideal worlds and I try to shoot for the stars to achieve those ambitions. However, I allow myself to be beat down. I have allowed external voices to stifle me, and bridle my ambitions.

I have this addiction for recognition and love and affection. So when my dreams don’t match up with what people think of me, I desist. I give up on the dream to please other people. I try to fit into the box of what I think other people want out of me. I seek acceptance.

Since starting my recovery from porn and sex addiction 4 years ago, I have had to let go of that part of myself, a little bit more each day.

I still have the hooks in me latched deep into my psyche, where I still seek recognition and approval. However, the more vulnerable I am, the more the hooks release and let go of my insides.

You know that voice that says that you have done too much bad to qualify for good?

It’s a lie!

You know that voice that says that you don’t deserve to be happy or successful because you have too much of a mess going on inside of you emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically?

That’s not your voice. That is not you. You can dispel that thought. Rid yourself of it. Scourge it from your being.

Right now I am working on a lot of side projects while still holding down a full time job. It is challenging. I will be posting some of these side businesses that I am trying to operate. But for me, they are not businesses, they are providing for people that are in need and that are hurting.

Only 12% of the U.S. population is bio-medically healthy according to Dr. Mark Hyman. Meaning people’s bodies are taking the brunt of the pain and impact that we are feeling emotionally and psychologically. Our world pressures us to have more and do more, and look perfect on social media. When none of us are perfect.

I believe some of the most creative people in the world, are the bravest. They trust their own intuition and their own insight more than they trust outside influences. Sometimes these outside influences, are loved ones. They could be family members. That has always been my achilles heal. When someone I love criticizes an idea or an ambition I have. It feels like rejection. It feels like if I don’t change my dream and ambition, that they won’t love me anymore.

That is the biggest thing that I am trying to work on right now. I am going to trust my own intuition. I am going to trust my own dreams and ambitions and not allow other people’s opinions to sway me.

In a recent podcast that I posted with Brené Brown and Alicia Keys, Brené talked about how Alicia Keys protected her music and her art like a Bear would protect their cub. God speaks to us through our creativity. Nobody else can decipher that and translate that for us. Our message from the Universe and God has to come directly from the source. God is in this podcast with Ed Mylett and Nikki Glaser. Listen to it. Watch it. It is worth your time!

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