Real Transformation

This week has been marked with another murder. Where another Black man was killed by a white police officer. There have been protests and riots in most major cities across the country, even in major cities across the globe. I am a white man trying to make sense of what I should do and say about it all.

Krishnamurti’s quote keeps popping into my head:

“There can be no transformation in the world, unless there is transformation from within. It is our responsibility to bring about a radical transformation within ourselves.”

I don’t claim to be an expert on social justice and social equality. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from the University of Utah. I live in one of the least diverse states in my nation. However, I do know that if you have a visceral emotional reaction to my Instagram post that read:

“If you aren’t asking yourself how you are racist or prejudice, so you can do less of it, you might be part of the problem.”

Then I know that you are in denial. The first step to change is recognizing the need to change. If we deny the facts by arguing that they are false claims or inaccurate, or we ignore and dismiss them because the truth of the story is too ugly to look at. We are only allowing the illness to continue within us.

My belief is that racist people, don’t believe that they are racist. They believe that they are justified and that other people are less than.

I refused to see my own illness of being a sex addict for a lot of my life. It wasn’t until I saw the pain long enough and hard enough that I had caused myself and other people, before I realized that I needed to change.

Purging our souls of illness and disease takes true introspection. It is really difficult to change. We won’t change until we allow ourselves the ability to really see ourselves and our actions for what they really are. Did I treat this individual the way I did, because of racially motivated narratives or story lines? Did I not do something for this black or brown man, that I would have done for a white man or woman?

I know friends and family members that don’t believe that they are racist, but they are. They display it in the comments they make, and the characterizations that they place on others of color. My prayer is that they will start to see their illness sooner rather than later. I feel so deeply for #GeorgeFloyd and his family. May we all do some more introspection evaluation.

#addictionrecovery #recovery #purging #georgefloyd #nojusticenopeace #MLK #blacklivesmatter

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