The Universe’s Wavelength

It has been a minute since I let my inner voice speak. You have to create moments and space for spiritual communication. It can’t come through with all the noise and digital distractions. God speaks to us. God speaks to you. Will you listen and will you heed the guidance that he sends you from podcasts, or inspiring stories that find you? Synchronicities are the Universe’s wavelength and vibration. Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.

This last week has been very emotional for me. A friend asked if he could help put together a fundraiser for Theo and our family. Theo has been diagnosed with Autism and Panda’s. Panda’s stands for Pediatric Autoimmune NeuroPsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infection. Theo was diagnosed with Autism 2 years ago and we have tried a myriad of therapies, protocols, supplements and medications to help him develop.

About a year ago we were on vacation in Seattle with family and Theo had acquired an Obsessive Compulsive habit of pressing on bottles. This is a sign of Pandas because it is an Obsessive input modality. Pandas is an obscure and unknown disorder. However it is growing. Today 1 in 200 kids will be diagnosed with Pandas, according to the PANDAS Network, a nonprofit organization. My wife Angela has created an amazing network on Instagram with parents of kids with special needs or disabilities. It was through this network that Angela was able to hear about this disorder. As soon as we got home, we had Theo’s doctor run a blood test for Strep. The doctor came back and said that it was the highest that he has ever seen. So many things began to make sense to us. Theo would have days where he would be inconsolable. He would throw tantrums that would be uncontrollable and we couldn’t find anything to make him happy. Other days he would be super happy and loving.

This diagnosis made sense, because his body was irregular in mood and personality. We had to do something, so we started Theo on an antibiotic knowing that it would help his little body to fight off this infection. Also knowing that the antibiotic could be damaging long term if we left him on it for too long. You see, antibiotics kill all gut bacteria. Unfortunately this is bad because we all need good beneficial gut flora or gut bacteria to fight off illness and disease. You can learn more about that from this podcast:

You might also read Dr. PerlMutter’s book “Brain Maker”.

The antibiotics have really helped Theo. He has been able to fight off the strep for longer periods of time and he has seen some amazing strides. Sunday night he ate a turkey sandwich for the first time. He has learned new signs in sign language like swing, jump, etc.

Well after I read Dr. PerlMutter’s book “Brain Maker” I knew that I needed to do more. Dr. PerlMutter talks a lot about Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) in his book. This procedure introduces good gut flora/bacteria into your body. We knew that we wanted to do this procedure but we were planning on doing it in 2021, because it is expensive and it requires travel to Mexico. I have already used a lot of my PTO for the year. We made a video to really detail that story here.

So now back to the fundraiser. Our friend Garrett Jonnson- , Offered to run a Triathlon in Theo’s honor. We would ask for donations for every mile that Garrett would run through in a full swim, bike, run triathlon, totaling 140 miles. We thought that we would raise a couple of thousand dollars to help pay for this procedure. We raised $12,000 in 3 days, and people are still donating. The triathlon is Saturday June 20, 2020 at Sugar House Park in downtown Salt Lake City. We ask everyone to wear green on Saturday and use hashtag #triforTheo to spread awareness for Pandas.

We have felt guilty for asking for money, especially with Black Lives Matter going on right now. However, we thought that we would allow our friend to show this amazing kindness and open ourselves up. We are so grateful for the network of people that have reached out to our family. Theo has so many fans. Angela has been told by so many families that their kids were able to get the treatment that they needed because of the content that she shares on her Instagram.

We will be getting the FMT treatment July 13-17 in Mexico and we will keep you updated on how it goes. We are diving into this Gut Health= Brain Health world. We hope to keep you informed of how things go. Right now we are trying to get Theo’s gut to the best place that it possibly could be. I give him micro veggie powder in water every morning, and I have been giving him Bone Broth at night.

Gut health has also been tied to depression and anxiety. So our family is trying to live to a strict diet. We are trying to eat less sugar and processed foods and eat more organic, whole foods. I will keep you informed here.

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