A Visionary Versus a Dreamer

There has been a common theme in all of the books and all of the podcasts that I have consumed over the last couple of years. The differentiator between successful people and others is that they are a different breed. They do things in their own style and their own fashion.

A visionary is someone that can see through all of the fog and haze. Someone who can have a sole focus on the vision that was given to them to carve something out of the earth. A dreamer is someone who just dreams something up and never follows through.

Now the first step into becoming a visionary is learning how to lean into the vision. The visionary has to be so courageous to overcome all criticism’s, critiques, and judgement. People will tell you that your style and that your thoughts aren’t correct, and that you need to do it in another way because they heard that it has to look differently than what you are doing.

Here is what you do. Here is what I am doing. Find people that you respect what they are doing and find out how they did it. Don’t listen to the posers, who pretend to know the answers. In order to carve something out of the earth, you have to have some balls and some initiative.

For too long of my life, I have been deterred by criticism. I have stopped doing what I really want to do, for fear of rejection from someone that I love. The true test of love is know that they still love you, even when they don’t agree with you. Find those people and hang out really tight to them.

I know this for sure for myself. I am a visionary. I am called to do a work of healing. Healing of myself and anyone that I can influence through my own experience. There are voices that I need to amplify, and there are voices that I need to mute. There will be people in my life who will claim to know and try to persuade me in a direction, that I don’t need to listen to, and that is ok.

Here are people that I am excited to hear from in the coming weeks. Darien Olien and Rich Roll. These guys are changing the world and I want in on their wave of change.

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