You are my hero’s

Be The Love

We have been fortunate as a family to connect with a lot of special needs families from across the globe. We have had many conversations with mom’s and dad’s of kids with different autism diagnoses, and of other ailments or diagnoses, like PANDA’S or PANS.

We have learned so much from so many people. I used to really admire athletes because of their physical abilities. I have been a soccer fanatic since I could walk and talk. I had posters on my wall of Dennis Bergkamp, Ronaldo Phenomenon, and many more. Now I look up to parents of kids with special needs so much more. The way that your mind and heart is tested every single day is exhausting and daunting. Yet these parents just keep waking up and showing up the best that they can for their kids.

Also, when we come together as a community, our collective suggestions and experiences are so extremely powerful. That is why we wanted to create a community of likeminded parents who are in the fight for their kids. The parents that research every spare minute they have to find something, anything that will help support and uplift their kid to reach the next highest level. I consider you my family.

Family doesn’t always have to be blood relatives. Sometimes family is a community of people that understand each other’s experience. Sometimes you can choose the family that is there for you to support you and uplift you. We seek to be this community. 

My personal experience has taught me that we need connection in our lives to be thriving. True connection. Not the superficial, shallow surface level connection. I am talking about the deep rooted, I know your struggle, and you understand me connection.

We hope to someday run retreats for parents with kids with special needs. A time where you can escape and connect with other parents, adults. Where we can share our experiences, but more importantly, where we can laugh and find retreat from our everyday challenges that we face to provide the best for our kids.

We hope to uplift and be uplifted.

I saw this wood art piece at one of my favorite stores. I have tried to make it my guide and theme of my life over the last year.

Believe there is Love

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