Vulnerability = Power and Connection

There have been countless moments in my life that when I was vulnerable and real, I was able to find answers and make a real life deep connection. When I have been public and honest about my weaknesses and my faults, people step forward from the shadows and share their similar experiences with me. I truly believe that God/ The Universe works through other people. The work of love and connection can only be activated when we remove our facade and our masks. When we refuse the ego, and stop protecting ourselves behind a wall of shields, we can find the answers we seek.

Why don’t we speak of our imperfections more? What are we so afraid of from revealing the truth? I know for me it is because of fear of rejection. I want to be accepted, but more than that, I want to be loved and celebrated. Who wants to celebrate someone who is failing in areas of their life.

Over the last fews years I have been obsessed about learning from successful people. I have listened to Podcasts with Tony Robbins, Guy Raz in “How I Built This”, Oprah Winfrey in “Super Soul Conversations”, The Rich Roll Podcast, and so much more. The thing that I have learned from the books that I have read and the podcasts that I have listened to, is that no one is perfect. No one is without fault or weakness.

I just finished the book “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll. He was almost 40, and by his own description, 50 pounds over weight and out of breathe walking up his stairs before he realized that he wanted to make a change. At the time, he had already graduated from Stanford University and Cornell Law School. He had been practicing as a lawyer for almost 20 years, before he realized that he wanted to address his alcoholism.

He had many opportunities to admit and surrender his addiction, but he clung to it for comfort. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.

Rich Roll today is world renown for being one of the best ultra marathoners in the world. He changed his diet to a plant based diet and he credits that change to the turning point in his health and development.

I thought that part was super interesting, when he admitted a weakness and spoke it out loud, he was able to find answers to address his weakness. For a long while, he didn’t listen to the subtle voices that guided him to a plant based diet. His wife had been a vegetarian for years prior.

Tony Robbins said something in a podcast years ago that has stuck with me. He said that we have to feel the pain long enough and hard enough, where the status quo was no longer an option, before we make a change.

So what is it that you are holding on to that you have been debating on letting go? You know in your heart and mind that it isn’t good for you, but the comfort is so good, that you can’t let go.

For me, it is my addiction to sugar and continuing my battle against sex and porn addiction. These things provide me solace and security when life hits me in the gut and face. They soften the impact. I know that these things only harm me. Sex with my wife is healthy and that is medicine. What I am speaking about is sexual thoughts when I objectify other women. These thoughts are not welcome, and they have been automatic in my mind since I was a young boy. I still have these thoughts but I am more aware. You have to be aware before you can address it.

May joy and love help us find a healthy body, mind, and soul.

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