My Reiki Flight Experience

Last night I went to a Breath Work / Reiki work practice in Salt Lake City. I would like to tell you about the experience. I arrived in downtown Salt Lake at this old building. The Trax were right next to this building. It looks like a rougher neighborhood. My wife went to a woman’s retreat in Idaho last weekend. This Reiki Master was at the event and did some work with my wife. My wife told me that I had to go experience this Reiki Flight myself.

I have felt called to get Reiki Certified for a while now. My cousin told me to reach out to this guy named Corby that does Reiki energy or healing work. I have been so wrapped up in my other courses for Yoga certification and my Functional Medicine certification that I just haven’t had more bandwidth to take on another course. But now I feel the need to complete the course.

Last night was a crazy experience for me. Before I left my home I was already fighting with my wife. I was trying to get into a good place. So I sat down to read a few chapters in the book: “It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle.” The book is by Mark Wolynn. It talks about how we can carry gene mutations through our DNA. We have learned a lot about that with our son Theo through the MTHFR Gene. That gene is in charge of detoxification. I have a gene mutation and Angela has a Gene mutation. That means our kids have it even worse.

My family line has a lot of pain and trauma. That is why my eventual book will be titled: “Taking back my family name”.

Anyway, fast forward to the Reiki Flight Experience. I arrived to this old decrepit building. I walked up the old stairs to the 2nd floor and the whole place smelled like weed. I walked in and there were 2 women in the front of the class. Zoe who I recognized because I saw her Instagram page that my wife had sent me. She has these big large dreadlocks. She was sitting cross-legged at the front of the class. Audrey was the other woman at the front of the class. We had to watch a video before we came talking about breathe work and Audrey was the voice in that video.

To be honest, she really bothered me in the video and in person. She used really technical language and talked about living in a really remote small mountainous town called “Woodland”. She talked about how much work she has and how busy she was. I really got this negative vibe from her, like she had this massive ego. Anyway. I was in this really tough space.

Fast forward to the experience. It took forever for them to talk through the housekeeping items but finally we settled in. We practiced yoga and breath work for a few minutes, then she dropped us into this wooded area and we walked into this opening. This big grassy field. We found this hill in the middle of this open area and that is where we laid down.

While we were practicing the breathe work in the beginning, Zoe asked us to trust our intuition and to journal while she cued questions. She asked us where in our body that we feel pain. What shape does it have? What does it represent? What color is it? What texture does it have?

Here is my journal entry:

“My Past- Who I was. I want it erased. The pain is in my heart and in my chest. It is broken shards of glass. It is dark blood red. It is hard and scabby with open sores. It weighs as much as 5 gallons of water. It is cold – dry- and it is dark and silent…”

Then when we were laying on this hill in the middle of this opening, we focused on breathing into that pain. We took deep breaths in and out of our mouths.

After the meditation we were to journal of our experience and Zoe would walk around and place her hands on us to heal. During the meditation she placed her hands on my throat, heart, and chest. At the time I had my hands on my stomach as I was laying flat on my back. When she placed her hands on me, I could feel the radiating warmth of her touch. My hands fell open to the side and my chest and heart almost reached up to take in more of this Reiki Energy. The Shards of glass started to come together to make a clear flat window, or sheet of glass.

After the experience: This was my journal entry:

“Get the tattoo- stamp yourself as awaken. Yin and Yang are balancing energies. They are the masculine & The Feminine Life Force. Stop chasing validation- Seek inner peace. You have to be the primary source of love- you are your own life force- Your own energy- The illness is gone- You are awake- You are conscious of what is happening- The world wants to numb you. The world wants to silence you. God speaks through people- Here and Now. He teaches us through our experiences, through our relationships. Disagreements are healthy. Disagreements are good. They are how we learn. They are how we grow. Your past is your past- It’s made you this beautiful super sensitive soul. You have so much love to give. You can see beyond people’s anger and people’s hurt and see their light, love, and potential. Use that gift to lift people up. Help them see themselves.”

There is so much more to the story. But we will leave it here for now. I have my Reiki Master coming to my house tonight.


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