Another Year- Another Lesson

Monday I turned 37 years old. This last year has been a really successful year for me. I made a lot of money in my software sales job. I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Certification and I have 3 months left on my year long Functional Medicine Coaching Certification. I am working hard at bettering myself so I can be of better service to those around me.

I have learned that Relationships are really schools. Relationships are a form of education. They are an introspection of our ourselves. They reflect what we need to learn about our perspective of the world. It seems like when I have something to learn, I have similar situations present themselves to me until I learn the lesson that I was meant to learn. Our reactions to conflict a lot of times is a reflection of how we see ourselves. It is telling of our view of the world and how we fit into it. If we become emotional about something a lot of times it is something that needs to be resolved within ourselves. Admittedly, sometimes the other person is being an asshole and we have to stand up for ourselves. But nonetheless, there is still a lesson to learn in how we react. Introspection and reflection are powerful tools in unlocking our own power.

Our intuition is our greatest guide, but it can’t guide us if we are blocked by conflict. My experience is that as long as you are digging in and attempting at self growth, intuition can be freed. Digging in means making time. It means making ourselves a priority. It means making dates with ourselves to study and understand ourselves. Whether that comes from going on a run so you can think, or journaling, or going on a walk-about or camping trip alone. We must find time for ourselves with no other distractions. No cell phones, no tv’s, no Netflix, no passive entertainment. Really digging in by focusing all of our time and energy on our thoughts and our views of the world. Our views of the world can only be changed by us. No one can do it for you. Sometimes we don’t recognize an error in judgement until it is reflected back to us. Most of the time, these reflections come through our relationships. If we can’t take the time to see it and analyze it and make of it of what it is, we will keep running into the same experiences.

Life is a series of checkpoints. We don’t get to go to the next checkpoint until we pass off the current one, until we learn the lesson that we are meant to learn. You know those people in our lives that seem to always be complaining. It is always someone else’s fault that they are not succeeding. Why do you think that is? I think these people are vampires and they suck the life out of those around them. Don’t be a vampire and learn the lesson you are meant to learn regardless of the circumstances. I speak from experience of failing to learn the lesson and having the lesson repeated to me over and over again, until it has been repeated so many times that I finally see the correct answer.

Much Love



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